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Do you have an unmet clinical need or technology to solve an unmet need within Trauma?

The Trauma MIC works with patients, carers, charities and healthcare professionals to identify unmet needs within the trauma field, aiming to support research and share learning in those areas. An unmet medical need is where the diagnosis, prevention or treatment for a condition is unsatisfactory. We aim to identify areas within trauma where technology in the form of devices or software could be used to improve patient outcomes and clinical pathway experience. We do not look at medicines or clinical service improvements. This will allow us to notify developers, researchers and funders where there are particular needs and to match new developments with previously unidentified solutions.

Additionally, the Trauma MIC works with companies to support medical device development in areas of unmet needs.

If you have either an unmet clinical need or a medical device for an unmet need please fill in the form below. Your details will be logged and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

    Are you an SME? An SME is an enterprise or company satisfying 2 or more of the following conditions:

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    The information provided will be treated as confidential and will only be used for assessment of your idea. If you require a non-disclosure form, please state so within the ‘what is your idea?’ field.

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