Governance Structure

Projects will be presented to the MIC Operations Group (MOG) which will meet on a quarterly basis, to agree on prioritisation, progress updates and resource allocation. MOG will oversee the prioritisation of research which addresses patient need, the potential for technology transfer and commercialisation, translation into patient care within 5 years, and build on existing strengths.

MOG will report to the MIC Executive Board (MEB), accountable to the UHBFT and BHP Board of Directors. MEB will meet biannually and will explicitly consider the need for targeted interpretation and dissemination workshops interacting with policymakers, planners, clinical staff and patient representatives.

MIC External Advisory Group (MEAG) will provide an independent body to ensure that the work of the MIC fits the remit of the NIHR and overall strategic outputs, which will be chaired by the Chairman of the Trauma and Audit Research Network (TARN) on an annual basis.

These forums will include national and international leaders in health technology research as well as PPI and charity representatives, other MICs and the NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI).