RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust)

At RAFT, we develop our own research programmes which are evaluated by an independent Scientific Advisory Committee. The research is undertaken by our own scientists and is driven by patient need rather than commercial imperative or specific interests. To maximise the potential of our projects we also work collaboratively, with some of the world’s leading medical and academic institutions. These include University College London, the Royal Free Hospital and the Mayo clinic in the USA. Such collaborations give us access to state-of-the-art equipment, mentorship and technical skill.

We also run our own Surgical Research Fellowship Programme to help train the next generation. Over a two or three year period, RAFT Surgical Research Fellows undertake a combination of scientific and clinical training which forms the basis of a thesis for an MD (Medical Doctorate) or a PhD. A significant number of leading Consultant Plastic Surgeons practicing today have passed through RAFT’s doors and often provide our projects with their invaluable clinical expertise.

Our overriding focus is determining what research will bring the greatest benefit to patients and delivering it to them in the shortest possible time.