Paediatric Trauma Prioritisation Survey

The NIHR Trauma Management MedTech Cooperative (MIC) works to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients who have suffered a traumatic injury, from pre-hospital to rehabilitation. This is achieved by acting as a catalyst for the development of new medical devices, healthcare technologies and technology-dependent interventions.

The Trauma MIC has paediatrics as a cross-cutting theme. A scoping review of the literature has been conducted to identify areas of unmet need within paediatric trauma; these comprise 9 themes as shown below.

– Fever
– Major trauma
– Sepsis
– Family and parents of children in critical care
– Pain and sedation
– Cardiac arrest
– Respiratory
– Mental health
– Neurological e.g. TBI and spinal

The Survey
The Trauma MIC are conducting a survey to prioritise the areas of unmet need in paediatric trauma within the UK where medical devices/ technology could improve the quality of care and/ or life of patients. These will be the priorities in paediatric emergency departments, intensive care units and surgery where paediatric trauma usually presents. The term medical device/ technology encompasses physical devices, software and AI. These devices can be either novel or repurposed.

Why are we conducting this survey?
The priority themes selected by this survey will form a competition whereby industry will be able to submit medical devices/ technology addressing one of the priority themes. The competition winner will receive a free formative usability study conducted in the Medical Devices Testing and Evaluation Centre.

If you are a UK paediatric clinician working in either an emergency department, intensive care unit or surgery we would be grateful if you could please complete the survey here. We anticipate this will take less than 5 minutes: 

Please email if you have any questions.